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Well, I think it's safe to say that Annamay168 is pretty much dead. I am hoping that one day, she will rise again to draw even greater stuff than before.
Snowman color by Annamay168
Snowman color
The picture is now complete. I can finally rest in peace now. It's been far too long since I drew anything, so I drew the first thing that came to mind.

Part two to: :thumb500753902: because I say so. :iconimhappyplz:
Snowman Sketch by Annamay168
Snowman Sketch
The Annamay Cent Soixante-Huit is back in business. To celebrate her obtaining a new tablet, she has decided to post this sketch that she will color soon.

Umm.. the Pikachu is see-through because he's dead.
It feels like the more I study gender, the more confusing it gets. Growing up, the words "sex" and "gender" were used interchangeably, so I did not learn the difference between them until I studied sociology. There, I learned that "sex" describes the anatomy of a person whereas gender describes a person's internal image. For a cisgender individual, the sex and gender are congruent: Male anatomy/male mind and Female anatomy/female mind; for a transgender individual, the sex and gender are not congruent: Male anatomy/female mind and Female anatomy/male mind. Seems pretty simple, right? The nice thing to do is to refer to the transgender person with the pronouns that he or she wishes.

However, it is very difficult for me to accept they are the opposite sex. Through my research on the Internet, I found that male-to-female transgender people have feminized brains while female-to-male have masculinized brains. If I remember correctly the difference was there even before hormone therapy. I actually found it to be quite interesting because it showed me that the brain structure and possibly the prenatal hormones to which a fetus is exposed play a role on the development of gender identity. Sometimes I hear to transsexualism referred to as a birth defect. I agree with this statement, but not for reasons that most people would like for me to believe, I don't think it is a birth defect of the body. Androgen insensitivity syndrome (defect in which an XY individual is insensitive to testosterone and develops a female or feminized body as a result) would fall in that category.

As I continued to read about gender, I found that there are multiple genders, not just two: There's Male, Female, Bigender, Agender, Two-Spirit, and possibly more that I forgot about. Two-spirit, I cannot explain very well because I did not do extensive study on that. However, I can tell you that Bigender people identify as both male and female whereas agender people identify as neither gender. I don't think I have read much about them either, so I cannot explain them in much detail.

However, I can tell you that I have major trouble telling cisgender from agender. Though I know them by dictionary definition, I cannot apply them in real life. Do cisgender people truly identify with their birth gender or do they just go out and do their thing without worry simply because their interests coincide with the majority of people their sex? I don't think a cisgender person (or even a transgender person for that matter) think about their gender when they're doing everyday activities. If I had to make a list of when gender is important it would be: in language, clothing, accessories, shoes, romance, sex, and healthcare. Now that I think about it, gender is everywhere. However, I think of gender as more of a performance than an identity. The makeup and clothing that people wear are simply props. I like to use the female props because they're cuter on me, but my role is more audience or a playwright than a performer. My "performance" usually is work, school, and job interviews.

I can easily refer to transgender individuals with the gender they wish. However, I will still be having this Internal War or what it means to be Male, Female, and Agender. I know I may be called a Bigot for not easily accepting that transgender people are the opposite sex, but it's hard for me to accept that so easily when my brain is telling me this isn't so. If I accept they are the opposite sex, then I would have to find a different way to define male and female.

I have more to write about the annoying things on gender, but this journal is too long. I'll have to write it another time. Next time I write, it will likely be about the awkward moments on Tomodachi Life that come from my internal image of most of my characters being asexual or gay versus the behavior of their Miis. I might even do a little series of my character versus their Mii in personality and interests. :D
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United States
The picture above is the best picture that I ever drew. Drew it when I was only twenty years old. :w00t:

To keep this account an active account, I'll organize a Request List. I'm going to take up to ten requests and will update this list every time I get a new request. :D

Edit: Since I forgot to bring a scanner to my dorms, I cannot post anything new. However, I want to keep this up because it will be painful to remake the list for when I am able to draw. When I return to my hometown, this request list will take effect:

I will not take the following requests:

:bulletred: Pairings with over Five-year age differences (Exception: Sontails when I am paid for it)
:bulletred: Pairings involving anyone else's characters (Yes, I had a request like that before).
:bulletred: HumanxPokémon (No, just no).
:bulletred: Duplicate Requests (If I find out that you asked someone else to do the exact same thing that you asked me to do, I will drop that request immediately. Don't ask me to do it if you already asked anyone else.
:bulletred: Gender Benders (I just don't like them)
:bulletred: Sonic-related art

Pictures I might draw if I'm in a good mood.

:bulletgreen: Fetish arts (minus Gender Bender)
:bulletgreen: Official Character paired with an OC.

Things I will Happily do:
:bulletblue: Women
:bulletblue: Violence
:bulletblue: Angry Pikachu (He's so much fun to draw). :w00t:
:bulletblue: Krazyshipping (It's within my narrow scope of interest). :D

So far, here's my Request List:

1: :icondaiskida: Russian Roulette (I haven't started)
2: :iconsontailsfan1221: Pikachu Torture
3: :iconshirleyvaga: Singing Duet
4: :iconashcamille: LxLight
5 :iconliquidhalo: Sontails Bed… Tails with Phone
6: :iconphylos7: Pikachu on Gary's head and Ash is jealous.
7: Closed
8: Closed
9: Closed
10: Closed

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I just went through some things and realized:
i have two lesbian friends on DeviantART
i have two gay friends on DeviantART
and one of my older brothers is gay, so I have 5 gay friends..........I think god is gonna strike me dead. But I don't care cuz I'm not religious.
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I did a little..."test."
I changed my Minecraft skin to a girl, went on multiplayer with one of my friends, said we were lesbians (I'm a guy.), sometimes asked ppl if they'd date us (obviously  other girls.) and pretended to date and took notice of the reactions. Here's the results:
97% Said things like hey, I don't judge, or that's ok but I'm not bi or les, sh!t like that.

1% said to kill ourselves and that we'd burn in h3ll.

1% supported us entirely

1% If we asked them to date one of us said yes.

Also, some o the reactions from the guys were hilarious.
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I went to this thing called Pride Fest, which i now plan to go every year, i just didnt know about it. Its basically a street festival around Gay Pride. Im straight, but one of my older brothers is gay, and so i went with him and his boyfriend, and it was AWESOME. Again, im straight, but because of my brother, I support gay rights.Pride Fest was also a place where gays that couldnt normally be open about it, could be open about it, becasue i saw gays and lesbians left and right and thought, "Im straight, but this is the best festival EVER"
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